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taking a timeout. good morning, washington. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. good morning, it is friday, july 1. >> it is time for traffic and weather every 10 minutes and we will check in with lisa baden and see how the holiday traffic is moving in a moment but first we go to adam caskey. happy friday morning going into the holiday weekend and we will see an increase in humidity with a lot of sunshine. it will be a pleasant and agreeable weekend for the fourth of july but it will be warm and muggy. it was looking good early this morning. on tuesday morning after the fireworks, i will have a time lapse of the fireworks from a rooftop camera. 69 degrees -- 59 degrees in
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arlington. near 90 this afternoon and possibly lower 90's around the metro area with a low humidity. it will be a relatively dry heat and over the weekend, we will crank up the humidity. it will be high in the mid 90's. the traffic is starting to crank up as far as volume but no accidents to report now. we had a minor crash and the outer loop at braddock road -- two separate car wrecks. leaving the little river turnpike, things will start to improve out of springfield up to tyson's. live in springfield we take you to this guy go traffic center camera and the left side is northbound and it looks like a heavier volume. 50/fair oaks is open and go across the potomac river.
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our top story this morning -- a deadly stabbing during a brawl at a local mall and one person is now dead and four others are still recovering. >> this happened about 6:00 last night at the university town center. police are looking for the people responsible. jummy olabanji is live with more details. good morning. this was a tough situation for the people who were out there yesterday cou. there were reports that two groups of people were fighting. when the police got there, it was an intense scene. at some point during this fight somebody pulled out a knife and stabbed several people. a man in his 20's died at the hospital and four others were taken to the hospital with non- life-threatening injuries. police said they are looking for
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whoever might be behind this. it may be a person or group of people. they have no suspects at the moment and no motive. they have not release the identity of the victim. a d.c. police officer is recovering after being injured in south east. the officer was standing on the side of randall circle around 10:00 last night when a car crashed nearby. it is not clear if the officer was hit by the car or by flying debris. the man in the car was also hospitalized. police are trying to figure out where a five-year old boy got a gun that he allegedly used to shoot about a young child. the four-year old boy was shot in the back yesterday afternoon on a playground in temple hills. he was rushed to the hospital and he is expected to survive.
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police questioned the alleged shooter and his family for hours. charges are pending. first was the nfl and now the nba has been hit with a work stoppage the leak bargain agreement expires at midnight. a lot that took effect at 1:00 this morning. there is reportedly an enormous gulf between the owners and players and every major issue. in the sexual assault case against dominique strauss con -- >> the case could fall apart over questions about his accusers' credibility. we have more details. good morning the sexual assault case against former imf chief dominique strauss-kahn could be collapsing. prosecutors are now questioning whether the accuser is telling the truth. at a bail hearing set for later today, prosecutors are expected
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to tell the court that they do not believe much of what the accuser has told them which could lead to the charges being dropped. it is a remarkable change of fortune for dominique strauss who has said from the beginning that he did not assault inmate at a luxury new york hotel. prosecutors have informed the lawyers that they discovered the accuser had a questionable relationship with at least one alleged drug dealer and the accuser also discussed how she could benefit financially from pursuing charges against dominique strauss-kahn. prosecutors were initially extremely confident the case but not anymore. additional holes and dick accusers' credibility are expected to be brought up in court today. looking at the day ahead -- a preliminary hearing is set today for a d.c. police of is accused of killing his ex-
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girlfriend and their baby daughter. the officer shot the woman and left their young daughter to die and a hot car. there were both involved in an ongoing paternity case. starting today, new red light cameras are going into effect in alexandria and fairfax county. in alexandria, there will be at the intersection of south africa and given straight answer out patrick and franklin and duke and self walker. in fairfax county, the cameras are in fairfax circle and university drive and north street. the couple had to canada to celebrate its birthday. prince of william and his new wife keck will celebrate canada day. their first world tour comes on what would have been the 50th birthday of william's mother, princess diana. it is 66 degrees. >> still ahead the new war
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between the autobots and the de cepticons. arch campbell have the weekend movies. >> is a good weekend to get away to the beach. adam caskey has a forecast coming up next.
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>> we are on the boardwalk at ocean city, maryland. good morning washington. ♪ >> you have to love the bright
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and early in the morning. it is time to check traffic and weather every 10 minutes. >> let's talk about getting out of dodge. it will be a nice weekend at the beach with high temperatures in the mid and upper 80's and the water will be refreshing. looking at the severn river sunny skies with a beautiful sunrise over the water. 67 in rockville. 57 in bristow. a few locations are in the upper 50's. 59 degrees at dulles airport and 57 at martinsburg. right near 94 the high temperature today but it will not be too humid. relative to what we normally experience, it will be a dry heat and on the weekend, it will increase the humidity to moral and it will be hot, in the lower 90's all weekend long and
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maybe even upper 90's on sunday afternoon. the best chance of storms is looking like a sunday evening through early monday morning even then, it is only 40% chance. the outer loop at braddock road had a car crash only block in one lane and will be gone very sen. no problems to report on the beltway near andrews air force base and the american legion bridge looks like it will be fine and we will go to a camera with traffic live in bethesda. there are folks heading south from 270 to the toll road and it is good and the toll road between reston and tyson. >> the time is 611. we are giving special vip tickets to the death leopard and heart concert. go to and
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you can sign up. we all announce the winner tonight on abc 7 news at 5:00 good luck. the time is 6:11. >> coming up, the best and worst fast food. >> this fourth of july weekend aaa mid-atlantic says air travel is up 22% this year. i'm live at reagan national airport and we see a lot of activity this morning. i will have the full travel ulst: could switching to geico really save you 15% or more on car insurance? host: is the pen mightier than the sword? ninja 2: ow vo: geico. 15
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minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance. >> welcome back. best to get as are looking for the people behind the deadly step to get a hyattsville mall. five people were stabbed during a fight last night.
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one person died and four others suffered non-life-threatening injuries. no word on just what led to all that. the sexual assault case against former imf director dominique strauss-kahn may be disintegrating. published reports say prosecutors have serious questions about the credibility of the woman he is accused of attacking. fire fighters in new mexico are confident they have stopped the mass of wildfire from advancing on the los alamos nuclear laboratory. the blaze is only 3% contained but as burned nearly 145,000 square miles. the time is 6:14 on this friday morning. senators will spend the july 4 recess in washington for lawmakers will stick around so they can work on an agreement that would pave the way for raising the nation's debt limit. democrats and republicans are still deeply divided with the august 2 deadline just over one month away.
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a new alcohol-related law takes place -- takes effect in virginia and maryland. virginia has a stiffer penalty for underage drinking and driving. any team caught driving with the blood of all level of zero 0.2 or higher could lose their license for one year. in maryland, the sales tax on alcohol goes up 3%. for more information, go to the big holiday getaway is about to get under way. this year, the highways may not be the busiest. >> aaa says the number of holiday drivers will drop this year and a number of air travelers will increase. we go live to reagan national airport where travelers are already heading out this morning. >> that's right passengers traveling through the three area airports should brace for cross because aaa mid-atlantic says local air travel is up 22%.
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784,000 dc/metro area drivers will travel by car, aaa says that is down by almost 3% from the same time last year. roads and highways should be a little less crowded even as drivers are enjoying lower gas prices. aaa says most americans will be staying close to home this year. the average distance travelled this week and will be about 573 miles which is down 7% compared to 2010. for those in the city, that will have much to look forward to. on the national mall, organizers are gearing up for the fireworks and a parade. the maryland transportation authority says it is crucial to pinpoint your time for departure to avoid the traffic on the bay bridge if you're heading to the beach. if you happen to have today off they suggest leaving before
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10:00 a.m. or after 10:00 p.m.. >> good advice. here's a good reason to be careful the next time you go to the atm. deal reports every seat was found at the new york bank and it shows an account balance of nearly $100 million. the account holder withdrew $400 and website reports that the account belongs to a hedge fund manager. he said it was not his account. i don't know. the best and worst fast food -- there is a shake-up for the white house economic team. tim geithner says he will
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remain treasury secretary for the foreseeable future. the report said he will lead the of ministration following talks on raising the debt ceiling. the minister of the state government has shut down talks between the governor and -- the minnesota state government has shut down talks between the governor and legislature. the state parks and the minnesota zoo will be closed for the weekend and no new fishing licenses. the agriculture department says the nation's farmers have planted the second-largest corn crop in the last 70 years for the news is driving down the price of corn futures and potentially food prices. smaller regional chains are better than nationally known giants. in the new ranking of fast-food restaurants, mcdonald's burgers came in dead last and the survey said in and out birders have the best one and check fell i had the best chicken and chipotle had the best mexican. >> thank you. >> time for traffic and weather and adam caskey will tell us about the weekend. it is typical for the july
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weather in washington. it is comfortable but it will be muddy this weekend. our weather pattern is shifting and it will become gradually more humid throughout tomorrow. today will be not bad just like the last couple of days with bright sunshine. we had a beautiful star to our day over the nation's capital and even laurel, maryland. the dew point is only 55 and that is the key. rockville is 67 degrees. we have some air temperatures in the 50's and outlying areas. once you see the dew point get back into the mid 60's, that is when it starts to get uncomfortable outside. right now, the dew point is in the 50's and that is good. bright sunshine overhead and we have a few clouds often the
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horizon. -- off on the horizon. a little bit of action in the midwest over indiana moving north to south. that will stay out of our skyies. not too humid today and the average high as 87 we will be right up there near 90 degrees later today. we will turn up the heat and humidity later tomorrow with low to mid 90's all weekend long including the fourth of july. there's a slight chance of storms mainly late sunday into early monday. sunday evening some storms could fire up along the cold front and we could have some storms while you are sleeping or out partying sunday night into monday morning. as for the beaches the forecast will be a little cooler, in the mid to upper 80's. traffic around the beltway has no problems to report. we are clear if you're heading out to the airport and beautiful
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across the break -- bay bridge. the trains are working well. newschopper7 shows as it looks great on 95. this is 95 in springfield no, 95 in maryland heading out of laurel. no problems to report on 270. stick around, we will have more. >> not a bad start to this holiday weekend. 6:21 and 65 degrees. >> coming up next, a special guest of students in the big apple. >> later today and oprah love, marriage, and the trail at 4:00.
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there may be a racial divide when it comes to treatment and the district. blacks hospitalized for structure 1/3 as likely as white to receive life-saving medication. it is because they don't get to the hospital soon enough. if they don't get there in time, other risk factors make them ineligible for the medication. the time the 6:24 any big surprise for some students in
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east harlem, new york. >> there were at a dance event at a started store and pop star beyonce showed up. they were surprised when she suddenly appeared. she and the children and about dancing together. >> tell me what was like being up there. it will >> ? citing and frightening. >> you did pretty good? >> yes. >> how you feel about betonce. >> she is hot. [laughter] >> this is the second time to make a surprise appearance at a new york city event. she put together a whole music video to help kids get in shape. it is encouraging people to get moving in conjunction with the michelle obama initiative. you can see beyond said perform on abc's "good morning
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america" this morning. >> did you see that hair? >> it is fabulous. >> there is still another half- hour of "good morning washington." >> the alleged rape crisis against the former head of the imf could fall apart in court today. i will have that story coming up. warm today but not too humid and that will change over the weekend and we will todd temperatures coming up.
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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> straight ahead, of a holiday weekend gets under way, from the road to the runways, how we are getting ready for the fourth of july. good morning to you
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washington, it is friday, july 1. i am cynne simpson. >> i am greta kreusz and restore with traffic and weather every 10 minutes. jump in the ocean and jump into the bay if you can or jump into the pool. it will be a muggy weekend out there. hot and humid and a typical july 4th weekend. 59 degrees in the district. 55 degrees in frederick. a lot of sunshine today, warm but not too humid yet. highs will be in the 90's today and low 90's tomorrow with a gradual increase in humidity and downright hot and muggy by sunday with a per 90's 4 highs and maybe high 90's. there's a chance of storms late sunday into early monday. we are hearing about the
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beltway elderly that braddock road which is much better. the beltway at 66 has a crash on the outer loop of braddock road completely gone. look at this live picture from newschopper7. we're moving nicely through tyson's and bethesda and no problems on 66 eastbound leaving the dunn loring metro through falls church. we will have more from newschopper7 when we come back in a moment. a deadly stabbing during a parking lot mellee-- >> one person is dead and four others are recovering. jummy olabanji is live at prince george's county police headquarters with the latest. good morning. the police and prince george's county are continuing to investigate this homicide that
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happened yesterday. they said there were called out to that shopping center parking lot on a report of two groups of people engaged in some sort of huge brawl. you can see from the video much of a police presence was called out there. there were officers from the city of hyattsville and prince george's county. police discovered that several people had been stabbed. somebody pulled a knife out during that stipe -- fight stabbing several people. one person died, a man in his 20's, and police are searching for a suspect behind the stabbing. they do not have any information right now as to who that person or those people could be. the have not released any information as far as the victim in this case or any sort of motive. >> thank you so much. the time is 6:32 on this friday morning. there are new developments
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in the prince george's county corruption case. leslie johnson faces up to 18 months in prison after pleading guilty to conspiracy and tampering. >> i made a mistake for which i today, accepted responsibility for my conduct. >> the federal charges are related to a massive corruption probe. her husband jack johnson admitted his role and faces more than 10 years behind bars. leslie johnson indicated she is not resigning and legally she can stay in office until she is sentenced in october. >> onto a developing story out of minnesota. the state government has shut down after the republican legislature and democratic governor could not agree on how to close a $5 billion budget deficit. both sides disagree on a plan to raise taxes on top earners. this is the second government shut down in minnesota in the last six years. dominique strauss-kahn's
6:34 am
bell could be reduced them of this comes on the heels of the credibility of the woman who accused him of sexually attacking her in a hotel in new york than of the sexual assault case against the former imf chief could be collapsing. investigators have uncovered significant issues with the accusers' credibility. at a bail hearing later today prosecutors are expected to tell the court that they do not believe much of what the accuser has told them which could lead to charges being dropped. >> once the evidence was reviewed -- is reviewed, it would be clear that there is no element of forcible compulsion whatsoever about prosecutors haven't warned the lawyers of dominique strauss, and that they said the accuser had a questionable relationship with at least one alleged drug dealer and the accuser also discuss the financial benefit of pursuing charges against dominique strauss-kahn.
6:35 am
prosecutors were initially extremely confident in their case but not anymore. sources say even more holes in the accusers' credibility will be revealed today. >> thank you. tim geithner is denying reports that he will leave once congress reaches a deal to raise the debt ceiling. the president's other staff changes are beginning to take shape. the senate unanimously confirmed general david petraeus to be the next cia director. he will assume his new post this summer. his predecessor, leon panetta succeeding robert gates as the defense secretary today. >> time is 6:35. the man who allegedly shot and killed a football recruiter has a preliminary hearing. the 25-year-old is accused of killing ralph thomas outside a northeast high school. he was a recruiter for the d.c.
6:36 am
falcons, a semipro football team. prince albert of monaco and his fiancee will marry during a civil ceremony today. it will have a religious ceremony tomorrow with hundreds of guests descending on the tiny principality along the mediterranean coast for the second european royal wedding this year. speaking of royal weddings, prince william and his new wife kate are on a royal tour of canada. >> this comes on what would of been a special day. it would have been princess diana's 50th birthday. she died in a car crash in paris in august of 1997. newsweek recently published a computer-generated image of what diana might have looked like at the age of 50. >> beautiful still. >> absolutely and 6:00 the 36 is your time. >> still ahead, a holiday
6:37 am
getaway gets under way. we will have a live report. >> new movies this weekend include "transformers3." i will have a preview coming up. >> first we will have another check on traffic and weather every 10 minutes.
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>> we're going into the fourth of july holiday weekend. the humidity will be rising tomorrow. we will turn up the heat a little bit as well. it is typical for the july weekend whether around here in washington. clear skies overhead right now with beautiful sunshine again today. right now, we are in the 50's northwest of metro. it is a little warmer within the beltway, 69 degrees downtown. blue skies today and it will look and feel like yesterday. 90 will be the high temperature but not too humid. that will change tomorrow as we will gradually feel the humidity. highs will be in the low 90's and maybe some of part 90's on sunday. we cannot rule out a few thunderstorms late sunday and
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into monday. we will talk water temperatures and beach forecast coming up. i will talk about traffic on 28 at 606 where we had a crash reported from our loudoun county friends. i-395 is picking up more of your neighbors but still a nice ride to head to the 14th street bridge. this is live on 95 in springfield. it is about the same amount of volume northbound and southbound. 66 has no accidents heading through falls church. traffic for reston into tyson's is moving in our favor. metro rail is a normal service. >> a clause 41 is the time. a very pleasant 67 degrees outside. >> coming up, one political analyst will not be working and what he says that got him suspended. >> aaa says passengers should
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brace for big crowds at the area airports this morning. i am at reagan national airport and i will have details and a full travel forecast coming up.
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welcome back. the big holiday weekend getaway is upon us. some folks are hitting the road early hoping to beat the big rush hour later today. drivers are enjoying a big dip in gas prices but aaa says more americans will be flying this year. it is still very expensive to fly. let's go to reagan national airport for the travel forecast. aaa mid-atlantic says local air travel is up 22% this year.
6:45 am
passengers traveling through the three area airports should brace for big crowds this weekend. roads and highways should be a less crowded even as drivers enjoy the declining class prices -- declining gas prices. >> the gas is affordable now. >> drivers are downright giddy over lower gas prices. >> low prices makes a difference when you fill up. i felt at $100 in many other places and here it was $84. >> aaa reports that while 784,000 metro driver is planned to travel by car, that is down by almost 3% from last year. >> i feel more comfortable about driving now. when the gas prices got higher, i was very careful. >> whether heading across the bay bridge, to the beach, or across the country, aaa says
6:46 am
most americans will stay closer to home this year and the average distance travelled this week and will be 573 miles which is down 7%. for those staying in the city, there will be plenty to look forward to like the fireworks on the national mall and parade. if you have today off and you're heading to the beach, the maryland transportation authority recommend you leave before 10:00 a.m. or after 10:00 p.m. to avoid all the beach traffic. >> thank you much. new alcohol-related laws go into effect in maryland and virginia. virginia has stiffer penalties for underage drinking and driving. any teenager caught driving with a blood alcohol level of .02 or higher could lose their license for one year. in maryland, the tax on alcohol goes up 3%. for more information, log onto
6:47 am apolitical analyst was suspended after making an of color comment about president obama. >> *bleep * >> mark halperin made that comment yesterday he prefaced it by asking if the seven-second delay was on but it was not. he later apologized. msnbc and the white house said his remark was inappropriate. rththe tone of the death debate is the subject of today's politico minute. it seems republicans did not appreciate what the president had to say in his press conference earlier in the week, basically telling them they are not doing their jobs. some of them have been firing back and saying.
6:48 am
when you try to negotiate and you tell the other side that they are no better than his daughters, that is not good. he is trying to lay a foundation for his 2012 reelection campaign. it's sort of backfired. republicans have hardened their positions in the last 36 hours. there has not been really any movement toward resolving the impasse. >> we see the president in front of everybody saying one thing and the leaders the congressional leaders on the other side saying something else. they are posturing but what is going on behind the scenes that maybe we don't know about? >> there are some key people, a group of 05 bipartisan senators talking about structural changes
6:49 am
to make some sort of compromise. they are making some progress. we don't exactly know what is on the table. there is so much orthodoxy on both sides now republicans will not raise taxes. they have drawn the line in the sand and forced everyone to take pledges. democrats will not put entitlements on the table. the president is willing to but many won't. at midnight tonight the minister of the state government shut down after a similar impact on spending -- the minnesota state government shut down after a similar impact on spending. >> financial woes are pervasive. we will see what happens. congress will be in session instead of having a vacation. we will see if they get something done. thank you so much. >> time for traffic and weather every 10 minutes.
6:50 am
let's start off with are jealousy cam @ rehoboth beach. everybody is enjoying the boardwalk early this morning. we are jealous of the man they have clear conditions. they have fairly low humidity. the water temperature across the region is really comfortable. 74 degrees for the water temperature in ocean city and 75 down in chi ncoteague. in the potomac is a little bit warmer. here is your beach forecast -- a lot of sunshine today with high temperatures in the mid 80's and the same tomorrow with an increase in humidity and throughout the weekend with high temperatures in the 90's.
6:51 am
lower maryland is 67 degrees right now with bright sunshine and the dew point is only 55. clear skies overhead and some clouds in the midwest moving north to south so they will stay out of our skies. warm and not to humid today and right near 90 and in the mid 90's, hazy, hot, and humid on the weekend and sunday night could give us some thunderstorms. everything is working nicely throughout the district with no major accidents to report. we will show you the live geico traffic center camera. typically, you can see the pavement this time of morning but it is a light across the 14th street bridge and good in roslyn and constitution avenue is clean and pennsylvania avenue is clear as well.
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good morning, washington. i march campbell with your weekend movie guide. "transformers3"star to the conspiracy planted on the moon in 1965. all i did good guy autobots can save the day. state of the arts special effects but at almost three
6:55 am
hours, wait too long. two stars. >> best new movie honors go to lowry crowne with tom hanks and george roberts. 3.5 stars and that is entertainment. here is the weekend movie guide to --- have a nice weekend everybody. i am arch campbell, abc 7 entertainment. >> thank you. let's take a last look at
6:56 am
traffic. i noticed arch did not give any goose eggs as far as the critics. we will not give you any goose eggs at all around the beltway and interstate travel has been great. we will was the volume of traffic but so far light of volume in virginia on the beltway and 210 northbound leaving oxon hill to go into s.e. d.c. if you're not going to the beach, go to the pool. cool off this weekend. hot and muggy with high temperatures in the mid 90's this weekend and some storms possible sunday night into monday morning. >> that does it for "good morning, washington." . >> have a wonderful holiday weekend.
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